Recognition of qualifications and internationalisation of higher education in the Euro-Mediterranean Region
University of Petra – Amman, Jordan - 07 April 2016
University of Bologna – Bologna, Italy – 10 May 2016
Thanks to EU funded programmes, national or other scholarships and study exchange schemes, the universities in the Euro-Mediterranean Region provide great opportunities to study abroad, in one of the EU or Southern Mediterranean countries.
This benefits both students and academics, by opening up cross-border access to a variety of learning and teaching opportunities, and the institutions, which can count on a more internationalized environment and can join international networks.
To enable and support mobile and international students to take effective advantage of these chances, universities and public authorities in charge of higher education have to cooperate across borders in order to better understand their reciprocal university systems and qualifications and the related documents.
This means that the Euro-Mediterranean higher education community has to join efforts to improve the recognition and accreditation practices.
The EU funded Tempus project RECONOW “Knowledge of recognition procedures in Southern Mediterranean” focused on this challenge and developed tools and practices supporting universities, higher education ministries, national credential evaluation centres and the higher education community. The main outcomes will be presented during the two final conferences which will both include a morning plenary session with international experts and several afternoon workshops.
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The RECONOW project consortium 

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