The Ministry participates in a workshop training at Monastir University
In the framework of Erasmus+ project (Modernising Human Resources Management in South Mediterranean Higher Education "RISE"), the Ministry has participated recently in a workshop training on Strategic HR planning in Higher Education Institutions, which was held at Monastir University, Tunisia during the period 8th-10th August, 2016.
The training focused on Building different skills of HR staff in different HRM functions, such as recruitment, selection and retention, workforce planning and development, remuneration and benefits and performance management.
Noteworthy, RISE’s main goal is to contribute to South Mediterranean HE Reform Agenda through the modernisation of People Management. This global purpose will be targeted by means of three specific objectives: 
  • To build up capacities and skills in HRM on target South Mediterranean HEIs for stronger organisational efficiency;
  • To create a regional network on HRM as a forum for exchange of good practices;
  • To conceive and develop institutional HR strategies in South Mediterranean HEIs.

تاريخ النشر: 18/08/2016