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Legal Affairs Unit


  • The preparation of the legal opinion on the issues and topics referred to the Division
  • Participation in the work of the special investigation committees of the Ministry staff or in the internal committees, as the case may be, besides preparation of minutes of the investigation bodies as well as the necessary recommendations duly in accordance with legal procedures followed therein
  • Maintaining and documenting the ministry's legislations as well as legal references used in the Ministry
  • Participation with the committees that work on writing down a book contains the legislations set on the work of the Ministry and amendments thereof, and circulating it to the departments, units, divisions of the Ministry and the other entities concerned
  • Supervising and following up with any other legal matters concerning the legislations of the Ministry and institutions of higher education that might be required by the Department of Legal Affairs
  • Following-up what is published in the Official Gazette of the laws, regulations or instructions or resolutions relating to the higher education and the Ministry and circulating them to the Departments concerned
  • Following-up the communications with both the Civil Attorney General and Ministry of Finance for the purposes of money collection in the cases of a financial nature
  • Following-up the lawsuits filed against the Ministry until a final ruling
  • setting up draft laws, regulations and instructions concerning the work of the Ministry and its functions and the reasons thereof, in cooperation with the relevant authorities
  • Taking part in the initial discussions of draft laws and regulations relating to the work of the Ministry and the reasons thereof at the Legislation and Opinion Bureau
  • Pursuing any other legal matters related to the Ministry that might be required by the Department of Legal Affairs
  • Supervising the preparation of the statutory reports required for the work of the Ministry
  • Receiving the List of judicial proceedings that come to the Registry/Diwan of the ministry from the Administrative Public Prosecutor and the Civil Attorney General
  • Work on drafting the necessary legal responses to any legal proceedings against the Ministry at the Supreme Court of Justice or the Civil Attorney General, in coordination with the concerned Departments at the Ministry, and providing them with all pieces of evidence regarding claims and following-up with the competent parties until the end of the trial proceedings

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