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Higher Education Council forms committee for quality control of university theses

The Higher Education Council (HEC) decided on Thursday to form a committee, whose task is to work on developing principles and legislation, to be included in university instructions, so that they contain a clear mechanism for registering master and doctoral theses. The committee should also provide a detailed outline of the principles and legislation prepared according to forms approved for that purpose, so that these forms include dates for submission, the mechanism for approving the plan, the formation of committees and examiners, discussion mechanism, and a comprehensive review of the requirements that the student must fulfill when preparing those theses.

The committee is headed by Dr. Azmi Mohafzah, as stated in HEC decision, and with membership of each of the following: The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Chairman of the Academic Committee in HEC, and the deans of graduate studies in a number of public and private Jordanian universities.

This decision came out of HEC interest in raising the quality of theses for postgraduate students in Jordanian universities to ensure a qualitative addition to these theses, and to control some non-scientific practices in this field.


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